If Not Now, When? 

Twenty-five percent of humanity lives in a Frontier People Group with less than 1% of Gospel laborers working to reach them.

Jesus' Great Commission beckons Christians around the world to consider and act on ways to connect these people with the truth of His life, death and resurrection.

Frontier People Groups

The Least Reached of the Unreached

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Out of the 17,432 known people groups today, 5,000 are Frontier People Groups.

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1 out of 4

Individuals in the world live in a Frontier People Group.

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1 out of 100

Missionaries are actively working to reach them.

Together We Can Deliver the Good News

Progress has been made but challenges still remain.

With 25% of the world's population living without access to the Gospel, we can reach them by partnering together.

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Where They Are

Most Frontier People Groups live in India and Muslim-majority countries.

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We can reach them!

Discover where you fit in fulfilling God’s call to reach Frontier People Groups.

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Still Curious?

Learn more about who these people groups are, what they believe, and how we can fulfill Jesus' command to reach them.

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"Then he said to his disciples,
'The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few' Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest raises up laborers."

Jesus of Nazareth
Matthew 9:37
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